According to, a comprehensive welfare project has been launched for the orphans of the children’s home in the outskirts of Mbale, initiated by the African Hungarian Union (AHU).

All the nuns and the children rushed to the member of the AHU and were very happy about the gifts she had brought. The children could get balls, stuffed animals and sandbox toys as well.

The older children began to play football while talking to her without stop. There are children who can speak a lot of languages and others who draw very well.

Unfortunately, one of the children caught malaria, but her condition is relatively stable.

However, everyone is very grateful to the AHU for the help. Delegations and medical missions arrived to the country several times to cure the children and take care of them. They also supplied baby formulas and medicaments. A memorandum is always made about the visits, in which the volunteers provided cooperation for the nuns operating the orphanage.

AHU also announced an assistance program through which you can help the selected child’s future with a monthly amount of HUF 4000. The management of the children’s home uses this money to buy food, vaccines, meds, school equipment and diapers, formulas and baby care products for the babies. In addition the offered money covers the costs of the education of the children as well, told.

10 of the 27 children currently have symbolic, but very helpful adoptive parents. They also want to ensure the wellbeing of the other children as well. AHU asks the readers to support these orphans, because this is their only chance to have a “normal” life.

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