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Bernadett Szél, PM candidate of the opposition LMP party, voiced dissatisfaction after looking into the implementation documents of the Paks nuclear plant upgrade project, on Tuesday.

“I am not much closer to my goal,” Szél told a press conference, and insisted that the documents had failed to provide answers to her questions as to “who, when, how much and on what” spent taxpayers’ money “under the pretext of the (Paks) project”. She also insisted that she had been denied the budget figures reflecting payments so far.

Szél said that she had been shown an earlier implementation schedule, while the government has in the meantime sent a more recent version to the European Union.

Szél said that a “massive part” of the document was classified, and suggested that not making the document public was in the interest of the Russian party in the project.

Attila Aszódi, state secretary in charge of the upgrade project, said that all Szél’s questions had been answered. He insisted that Szél had had access to the effective plans, but added that the implementation schedule was being updated.

Concerning the document’s classification, Aszódi said that “it might be declassified after it is updated unless transparency is against the interests of the general contractors”.

Source: MTI

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