Pope Francis received members of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference in the Vatican on Monday.

At their meeting with the pontiff, the bishops discussed topical issues of Hungary’s Catholic Church and society, Bishop András Veres said after the two-hour talks. The meeting went in a “friendly and informal” atmosphere, Veres said, adding that topics included the education of priests, the situation of families and young people, poverty, the present and future of Europe, and migration.

As a gift, the bishops gave the pope a copy of the Bible translated into Romany.

Francis suggested that the words of the holy mass should be translated, too, so that Hungary’s Roma can participate in the service in their own language,

Veres said, adding that the pontiff’s request would be met.

The pope blessed the cross that would be the symbol of the 2020 International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Hungary.

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