According to, a precious relic signed by Hungarian Olympians  has been found in the department of the Eugene McDermott Library, Dallas, which keeps rarities. Librarian Paul Oelkrug found a gift book containing the signings of the 1936 Olympic Games’ winners, including the Hungarian Gold medalist, Márton Lőrincz – Élő Székelyföld website wrote.

The notes say that the book was added to the library by courtesy of American Admiral Charles E. Rosendahl. László Becze remembers the Olympic presence of Márton Lőrincz:

“We are in the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. Several foreign athletes listened to their Anthems with the Fascist arm swing. This was more for the sake of the hosts as an ideological conviction. However, Márton knew what Fascism and oppression is. In front of the Fuhrer’s grandstand, he was holding his trousers while listening to the Anthem. Many people did not like that gesture.”

In addition to Lőrincz, other Gold medalists were Ödön Zombori and Károly Káráti in freestyle wrestling, Ferenc Csik in 100-meter freestyle, Ibolya Csák in women’s high jump and Ilona Elek in fencing. In all, the Hungarian team won 10 Gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals, so it was the third most successful team behind Germany and the USA, wrote.

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Márton Lőrincz. Photo:


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