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Have you ever felt that some technological innovations are not necessary and might even be disturbing?’s reporter thought exactly the same when he visited the new ScreenX cinema in Budapest.

We have already written about special cinemas in Hungary, such as the bed cinema in Budapest or the wine cinema near Balaton. From now on, the audience can enjoy the special ScreenX technology in a cinema in Budapest.

The new ScreenX experience available at Cinema City Aréna Shopping Mall in Budapest aims at eliminating the boundaries between the movie and the audience with extra screens in the cinema. In case 3D or 4D is not enough for you, ScreenX will definitely be your thing: with the extra screens on the left and right side of the walls, a 270-degree panoramic experience is created.

The debut of the new technology in Hungary and in Central Eastern Europe is in Aréna Shopping Mall, Budapest with movies such as The Nun (horror) and The Meg (science fiction) on screen.

Watch the video about the technology with English subtitles here:

ScreenX is originally from South-Korea, which utilizes a system with 5 projectors to create an immersive view on the left and right walls beside the regular middle wall. Thanks to the peripheral view of the human brain, the space in which the movie can be received as widened and thus, the experience is more life-like.

In the cinemas, ScreenX is combined with the 4DX technology, that adds even more than a „simple” 3D movie. With effects that stimulate wind, light, fog and even scent, the audience can feel like they are part of the movie.

Although the features of the new technology are indeed promising, according to’s journalist, they can also be disturbing for viewers sitting either on the left or right side of the cinema.

Those interested can buy tickets for a somewhat higher price than otherwise for regular movies: the tickets cost HUF 2360 (~EUR 7).


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