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Fully 38 percent of Hungarian voters, or around 3 million people, support the ruling Fidesz-led alliance, according to a fresh poll by the Nézőpont Institute.

Based on decided voters, Fidesz would capture an absolute majority of votes,

the survey conducted by personal interviews of 2,000 people between October 10 and 29 found.

The conservative opposition Jobbik party had the backing of 10 percent of the entire sample, or around 800,000 sympathisers, unchanged from the previous month,

Nézőpont said in the report published on Friday. The new party formed by a Jobbik splinter group, Mi Hazank, polled 1 percent.

The Socialist Party together with Párbeszéd was steady with 5 percent, while DK had the support of 4 percent of the whole sample. Green party LMP only notched up 2 percent, similar to the Momentum Movement and the satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party.

Among decided voters, Jobbik was 1 percentage point lower than the previous month, at 17 percent, while the Socialist-Párbeszéd joint list had 10 percent and DK was on 8 percent.

Momentum, Two-Tailed Dog, LMP, Mi Hazánk would not pass the 5 percent threshold for parliamentary representation either in the Hungarian or EU legislatures.

Nézőpont reckons that the Fidesz-led alliance with the Christian Democrats would send 13 of their number to the European Parliament, while Jobbik would have 4 of theirs in the EP.

Socialist-Párbeszéd would have two MEPs, as would DK if the election were held currently.

Photo by Guavin Pictures

Source: MTI

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  1. Jobbik is NOT Hungary’s strongest Opposition Party.

    The Faculty at CEU has over 400 Members of the Soros Opposition…while the Executive at Jobbik has only 2 who come to mind

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