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The caves of Hungary and the country’s richness in geothermal springs have been praised on several foreign media platforms. No wonder that Budapest is referred to as the “city of waters”. We love seeing videos that present the natural wonders of our country. Therefore we would like to share the work of one of our kind readers 🙂

Maik contacted us from Austria, who sent us an amazing video titled “In the dark”. It starts out just like most touristic videos about the city, but then things get very exciting as he dives into the underwater world of the city.

The cave featured in the video is the Molnár János Cave, which is part of the Buda thermal karst cave system. It was named after János Molnár, who was the first to explore the passages of the cave and analyse the water’s chemical consistency in 1856. Newer and newer passages have been discovered since then. Moreover, a dive centre was opened a few years ago.


in the dark – MJ cave 4k – 02.2018 from Michael Westreicher on Vimeo.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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