reports on a new high-quality video that shows a catamaran, a naked wake-boarder girl and a sailboat on lake Balaton.

The idea of the short film came from a small team. They belong to the forefront of Hungarian sailing and shipbuilding. The goal was to make a film that simultaneously shows a feeling, presents lake Balaton, and the beauty of extreme sailing at the same time.

According to the note one of the specialties in the video is a larger catamaran that pulls the girl by the power of the wind. Other similar videos are made on seas and show mostly men. Those short movies are generally also made by lower-quality cameras, said.

The director and the cameraman András Kollmann helped in the making of the movie. He also made, among others, The Yachtsman (A vitorlázó) which shows Hungarian athlete Farkas Litkey. The visual and technical toolbar allowed the film to be made in a movie screen quality.

The music was composed by Márk Moldvai, former member of NEO, composer of the film called Kontroll.

Photo: Freestyle, Sailing! YouTube video

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