Following the news about the separation of 3-time Olympic Champion Katinka Hosszú and coach-husband Shane Tusup back in June (read our report HERE), now it seems that the divorce procedures have started. The stakes are high, considering that the former couple has 2 billion Forints (6.2 million EUR) of wealth to divide – reports

The location of the trial is the District Court of Budapest’s 2nd and 3rd districts. The trial can last up to 3 years, according to well-informed sources, due to the sensitive and complicated nature of the case. The former couple’s shared wealth, including the Iron Corporation Ltd. and the Iron Aquatics swim club, is estimated to be around 2 billion Forints (6.2 million EUR).

Word on the street is that Shane Tusup has hired two lawyers altogether, one Hungarian and one American.

This suggests that the former coach of the Hungarian swimmer is gearing up for battle and, instead of a peaceful agreement of 50-50, he may want more than half of their shared wealth.

However, Tusup almost certainly will not be present for the hearings.

According to lawyer Dr György Bacsek, it all comes down to a good prenup. If the couple does not have one, anything is possible. First of all, Tusup’s lawyers have to prove why he should get more of their wealth than she should. Various types of evidence and even witnesses are needed for that. The expert added that, unless the court orders her, Hosszú may also not be present for any of the trial.

The couple achieved a lot during their partnership

The Hungarian swimmer founded a new swimming club called Iron Swim this summer, entirely independent of her husband. However, a parent revealed that the new formation is not nearly as good as the quality of Iron Aquatics.

“Children loved Shane, both as a coach and as a person. They learned a lot from him, he is a true professional. The fact that he is leaving is a huge loss.

Katinka should dedicate more energy to her new club, as well as to building her brand, as scandals from her personal life managed to tarnish her reputation almost completely, in just six months.”

Kinga Kiss, chief communication officer of Hosszú’s new club, did not wish to talk about Hosszú’s personal life, although she did confirm that the divorce trial has indeed commenced.

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