Budapest, May 26 (MTI) – Socialist Party leader József Tóbiás on Thursday said he will ask for a meeting with President János Áder to personally request the resignation of the central bank governor and the chief prosecutor.

Tóbiás told a press conference that the president had not met his party’s request to make a statement about the questions raised over central bank spending, which was why he wanted to speak to Ader in person. The meeting, Tobias said, will help determine whether “Áder is a pawn of [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán” or if he is still a protector of the republic.

The Socialist leader said central bank governor György Matolcsy had “lost the public’s trust” after the financial dealings of the central bank’s foundations became public.

He said Áder would also have to take a stand on whether incidents like the one that transpired in front of the National Election Office in February, in which a group of “thugs” prevented a Socialist lawmaker from submitting a referendum question, could be allowed to go down, and whether it is acceptable that the prosecutor’s office refuses to open an investigation into the matter.

On another subject, Tóbiás said he envisioned a Hungary in which the future “is in the hands of those currently suffering an existential crisis” and where “Orbán and [ex-premier Ferenc] Gyurcsány are the past”.

He said that contrary to Gyurcsány’s claims, the Socialist Party has always stood by its prime ministers “until the end”. He said he considered Gyurcsány’s infamous speech to a closed event of the Socialist party in Balatonöszöd, in which he admitted to lying about the state of the economy to win the election, an old and now irrelevant story. Gyurcsány gave that speech ten years ago today.

On the anniversary of the speech, “Orbán is opening a bottle of champagne, Gyurcsány is commemorating the event … but we are concerned about the Hungarian people,” Tóbiás said.

Photo: MTI


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