Együtt-Dialogue for Hungary


Botka resigns as Socialist PM candidate, Ujhelyi resigns as Socialist Party’s deputy leader – UPDATE

László Botka has resigned as the Socialist Party's candidate for prime minister - #mszp #Hungaryelection2018

Pollster predicts absolute majority for Orbán’s Fidesz party

Support for #Fidesz at 30 percent, for #Jobbik stood at 11 percent, and for the #Socialists at 7 percent

Support for Jobbik keeps declining, but they are still second strongest party in Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Although the campaign preceding the referendum on the European Union’s mandatory migrant quota scheme made hardly any impact on the popularity of Hungary’s […]

Lefitst opposition parties stage demonstration in support of press freedom

Budapest, October 16 (MTI) – The opposition LMP, Együtt, and Dialogue for Hungary (PM) parties staged a demonstration in Budapest on Sunday to protest against the […]

Referendum – Three small parties launch joint campaign for boycott

Budapest, September 1 (MTI) – The opposition Együtt, Dialogue for Hungary and MoMa parties are launching a joint billboard campaign calling on Hungarians to boycott the […]

Együtt delegation holds talks in State Department

Budapest, June 21 (MTI) – A delegation of the opposition Együtt party is on an official visit to Washington, DC to “hold a direct dialogue with […]