Együtt-Dialogue for Hungary


1956 – Leftist parties mark anniversary of revolution

Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialists, Együtt, the Liberals, the Modern Hungary Movement (MoMa), Dialogue and Solidarity laid wreaths in commemoration of Hungary's 1956 revolution at martyr Imre Nagy's Budapest house on Monday.

Half of opposition supporters expect Orbán to win in 2018, says survey

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Opposition aims for similar result to anti-Olympic campaign in referendum signature drive

Hungary's left-wing and liberal opposition parties have joined together to collect signatures for a referendum campaign

Opposition party Együtt wants “older and newer parties” on separate lists for election

The opposition Együtt party wants a single candidate to run against ruling Fidesz in each constituency in the 2018 election

Opposition leftist parties discuss potential solutions to Hungary’s housing problems

Leftist parties discussed and generally agreed on a six-point proposal to resolve #housing #problems in #Hungary

Együtt, Dialogue to join forces for 2018 general election

History repeats itself