Hungarian MEP calls for EU strategy against poverty on International Child Rights Day

"#Children are the building blocks of strong #nations" #UNICEF #WorldChildren'sDay

How poor Hungarian people are?

#Poverty still remains a problem in #Hungary...

Hungarian government falsifying statistics to cover up poverty, Socialists claim

"Children, young people, single-parent families, the jobless and the Roma are the worst hit by poverty"

Eurostat: Hungary leader in fighting poverty

#Hungary witnessed the biggest #decline from among all #European #Union #member #states

Survey: Fewer Hungarians living in deep poverty

The #Hungarian #data is better than the #European #Union #average of 1.7 percent

At-risk-of-poverty rate back to pre-crisis levels

Over the past four years, some one million people have been lifted out of poverty

Digitalisation a pathway to reducing poverty, says Hungarian foreign minister in NY

#Hungary is set to become a regional centre for the development and testing of #5G networks in central and eastern #Europe

Socialists to launch anti-poverty campaign

Socialists: Rich must pay more tax

Poverty level in Hungary below EU average – report

The rate of poverty in Hungary is below the European Union average, a study in a report compiled by the Tárki research institute presented on Tuesday […]

Hungary’s ombudsman: Poverty, fundamental right to human dignity in conflict

Budapest, October 17 (MTI) – Poverty and social exclusion are in conflict with the basic right to human dignity, Hungary’s deputy ombudsman said on Monday, which […]

Poverty declines in Hungary over past 3 years?

The number of people classified as poor in Hungary has dropped continuously since 2013, the state secretariat for social affairs and social cohesion at the Human […]

Official reports improved Roma poverty indicators

Budapest, May 31 (MTI) – Poverty risk indicators for the Roma population have significantly declined in the past 2-3 years, an official at the human resources […]

Greenpeace says public hearing on Paks left ppen most important question

A public hearing on the location of new nuclear power station blocks in Paks has left open the most important question of how licencing was permitted […]