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Get to know the Hungarian desert

Get to know the Hungarian desert

Even though Hungary is a small country in the heart of Europe, it is the place of many natural wonders: the Szentbékálla stone field, the salt hill in Egerszalók, the beautiful dripstone caves of Aggtelek, Abaliget or Pál-valley, just to mention a few. This article presents one of these natural wonders of Hungary which is a completely natural formation, the desert in Fülöpháza. Fülöpháza is indeed one of Hungary’s wonders, writes


Where is the Hungarian desert?

The desert of Fülöpháza is located South from Budapest in the Northern part of Bács-Kisun county. Fülöpháza is a small town with a population of 840 people. This small town is the location of a really unique and wonderful natural formation: a desert in the middle of Mediterranean Europe.

How was the desert formed?

One really feels like walking in a real desert in Fülöpháza, but how is it possible? The formation is not due to human intervention; it is completely natural. The sand was “brought here” by the river Danube, before the river was channelled. The natural stream of the Danube was altered to accelerate the flow of water. Once the Danube “left” this part of the country, the remaining sediment was dispersed by the wind and was eventually formed into the dunes we can see today.


The 1992-hectare area is part of the Kiskunság National Park.


The desert’s wildlife

The desert of Fülöpháza has a unique wildlife. The plants and animals living there are all special. On the sunny side of the dunes, there are sand lizards and frogs, while bee eaters and rollers are found in the bushes and trees. The number of woody plants in the area has increased in recent years. Flowers and herbage plants are the most common ones in this desert, such as the blue Echinops ruthenicus or the heteropogon contortus.

Echinops ruthenicus
Photo: kép: By Miya.m

There are hiking trails going along the desert, so visitors can really get to know this special area of the country which provides an amazing view all year round.

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