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According to official higher education statistics, during the last academic year, UK universities were home to 2,210 Hungarian students, a number higher by 31% compared to three years ago, says

The UK is the second most popular study destinations for international students and the top favorite for EU students. Despite fears of some sort of negative effects of Brexit in EU enrollment at UK universities, little has changed so far.

Moreover, there are some countries whose students still show a high interest to study in the UK. Students from Hungary are surely included in this list.

Based on the latest university enrollment statistics in UK, the number of Hungarian students at UK universities is increasing regularly. As of the 2017/18 academic year, a number of 2,210 students from Hungary were pursuing a degree in UK. That said, the UK ranks among the three most popular study abroad destinations for Hungarian students alongside Germany and Austria.

In contrast, in the 2014/15 academic year, there were 1,685 Hungarians enrolled at UK universities. This is to say that in the timespan of three years, the enrollment from Hungary increased largely by 31 percentage points.

England’s universities account for most of these students.

As of the last academic year, 1,180 students out of the total of 2,210 were studying in England. On the other hand, Scotland universities had accommodated 460 foreign students, followed by Wales (45) and Northern Ireland (5).

Further on, the HESA’s statistical report reveals that the majority of these Hungarian students were attending undergraduate degrees. In absolute numbers, 1,755 Hungarian students were seeking to get an undergraduate degree in UK as of 2017/18. On the other side, the number of postgraduate students stood low at 455 students.

A similar picture was also noted three years ago based on these statistics. At that time, out of the total 1,685 students from Hungary, 1,250 of them were enrolled in undergraduate courses as opposed to 440 postgraduate students.

The healthy growth of Hungarian enrollment at UK universities is likely to continue if we take into consideration the applications’ data. According to the latest applicant figures published by UCAS, the online platform for applying at UK universities, 980 Hungarian have applied for a place at UK universities as of January 2019.

This comes after a decline of 3% in applications from Hungarian students between 2016 and 2017 which led many people to link it with Brexit. However, the numbers above are a clear indication that UK universities will remain a popular study destination for a lot of foreign ambitious students.

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