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When the immunity certificate was first introduced and produced, it did not really have any use and no one could have predicted how important that piece of plastic might actually become. That has significantly changed since the latest stage of easing the coronavirus restrictions in Hungary. As per the latest government ruling, many facilities that were able to reopen after 4 million inoculated, require you to have an immunity certificate to visit.

Since the introduction of the new rule that lets people with the certificate do things that were normal before the pandemic has sparked a huge debate. Some people think it is against human rights, while others question whether the people really are immunised against the virus or not. Regardless of those points of view, the aim of the government was to incite people to register for the vaccine and achieve herd immunity as fast as possible.

But due to the limiting nature of the lack of such a document, some people have tried to make one for themselves. Here is what can happen if you try to forge an immunity certificate or fake your coronavirus-test results.

You go against the Hungarian Penal Code by producing a false public or private document, or falsifying its contents, or using a fake or forged document or a genuine public or private document with someone else’s name, or illegally administering, changing, deleting, or making any information inaccessible in any information system, shall be punishable by up to five years imprisonment for criminal offense.

Furthermore, anyone placing any public or private document on the market or selling/trading it, or creating, selling/trading any password or computer technology required or which facilitates committing the offense is also punishable the same way.

According to the Hungarian Official Gazette, these new laws are effective from today, the 2nd of May. Facilities can also be harshly punished if they do not employ the government regulations properly.

Any accommodation facility where there are guests who do not have an immunity certificate – with some exceptions – can be fined between HUF 200,000 to HUF 3 million (€ 555 – 8,333) and can be closed down for up to one year.

  • If any of their employees do not use masks while serving their guests, the facility can be punished similarly, reports Portfolio,
  • If they hold any dancing or musical events,
  • And if there is a private or family event involving more than 10 people
  • Any other violation of government restrictions would entail a regular fine from HUF 100,000 to HUF 1,000,000 (€ 274 – 2,777).

Despite the harsh punishment for such crimes, there are people selling certificates and even vaccines. There are several dangers to it. Szeretlekmagyarország reported that Check Point tried to purchase a Sinopharm vaccine for $750 from an illegal seller, but they have not received any package yet. People could simply be on the internet trying to scam others and that is the better scenario. Even if you buy vaccines – currently illegally – online, there is no guarantee of what might be in the jab.

Stay safe and only contact genuine government agencies regarding issues with the vaccine and the certificate. It is dangerous to buy anything from unknown sellers and using forged documents can get you in trouble as well.

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Source: Magyarkozlony.hu, Portfolio.hu, Szeretlekmagyarország.hu

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