Hungarian start up growberry

The Growberry, a successful Hungarian start-up company, designed containers in which everybody can grow fruits or vegetables in their homes, and they aim to create an industrially applicable form of the idea. Their results are already promising with tomato, chilli or strawberry.

According to Attila Hudecz, founder of the company, 90 pc of the tomato and green pepper are already grown hydroponic in Hungary which means that plants are not put into the soil but in containers and they get water and other nutrients they need through tubes. This is because plants do not necessarily need earth – reported.

Hungarian start up growberry

Mr Hudecz cleared that their original idea was to help people who would like to grow vegetables or fruits at their homes. They found that not only containers abroad, but also the parts from which one can be assembled, are costly, so they started to design their own during which they discovered new technological solutions. On the Viva Technology festival, in Paris, they realised that

even entrepreneurs are interested in what they do.

Hungarian start up growberry

Currently, they are running a lot of experiments in their chambers about how plants grow and what they need to produce good yields. For example, they would like to know how different climates and growth mediums affect their development. Meanwhile, their long-term plan is to design industrially applicable technologies using artificial intelligence and robotics with which plants can be grown hydroponic.

For example, they can design an algorithm that monitors the development of the plant by taking photos of it. Furthermore, if they have advanced cameras, they can even check what happens inside the plant. After evaluating the results, they can design a growth technology by which

everybody can produce maximum yields conveniently from their homes.

The company has already outstanding results with tomato, basil and other herbs, strawberry or chilli.

Hungarian start up growberry

The whole innovation is important because of the climate change that affects agriculture everywhere in the world and makes yield less predictable year by year. Furthermore, if one can grow vegetables even in Scandinavia, they would not have to be delivered there, which reduces carbon-dioxide emission. Moreover, the coronavirus epidemic showed how difficult international transport could become in such hard times. If Growberry becomes successful, they can provide technologies that can

help people, families, regions and even states become more self-sufficient.


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  1. This is useless. I made the same thing using materials I find in my household and I did grow tomato,lettuce, raddis and salad with the same technique and technology(N England). The difference is that my own veg cost only the price of the seeds and resources…… This is another waste of time, effort and money.

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