Something wrong happened with the plane, but Ottó F. provided enough time for the 14 parachuters on board to leave it before he crashed down. The manoeuvre was successful, but he died in the crash.

Nobody knows why

His family, friends, and the whole aviation community now mourns the 31-year-old Hungarian pilot and flight instructor who crashed down with his plane 70 kilometres away from Berlin, Germany. He was carrying parachuters who managed to get away from the plane, but Ottó was unable to land it, Borsonline reported

He took off with a Cessna 208, and at the beginning, everything was OK with the plane. His colleagues said that he probably knew before the crash that

something went wrong on the plane, 

so he manoeuvred above a territory where nobody lived. Therefore, his colleagues regard him as a hero of the aviation community.

Though the parachuters survived, they did not want to answer the questions of the German Abendblatt about the details. According to the media outlet, local police is now investigating the possible reasons for the tragedy. 

He never made a mistake in the last 10 years

Ottó F. has been working in Germany for almost 10 years as a pilot and flight instructor. One of his friends said that flying was in his blood, and he has been a professional pilot for six years. He added that Ottó learnt the basics at the University of Nyíregyháza, and even after that, he never stopped learning.

Flying was not a job but a life form for him. He never made a mistake because he was very precise. This is why his colleagues do not understand what happened. Before the crash, he shared a photo on his social media profile. Ottó’s family and friends from Hungary already travelled to the German capital. 

Ottó was an experienced pilot and kept his cool even in dangerous situations. This is how

he could avoid an air crash in 2013

when he was blinded by the laser of a 13-year-old girl. He said then that when they fly at night, their eyes get used to the dark and the looming glaze of the control panel. Thus, when the girl turned on her laser, he became completely blind and could not see the control panel. He tried to get away from the laser beam by hovering in the air, and finally, he managed to land his plane.

He would not have ever endangered anybody; he did not put at risk anybody even in his last moments,” said one of his friends to Bors.

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