Budapest, April 3 (MTI) – Hungary’s armed forces have started reinforcing barriers on stretches of the Serbian border in response to a recent increase in illegal border crossings, the defence ministry said on Sunday.

The temporary barriers were erected last autumn with a heavy involvement of the army in order to hold back a wave of illegal migrants. Soldiers serving near the border initially participated in the construction of the barrier and then started supporting local police, the ministry said in a statement.


“Cooperation between the Hungarian army and Hungarian police is exemplary, the officers serving on the borders make every effort to guarantee people’s safety, the protection of Schengen borders and the security of European countries,” the ministry said.

An MTI correspondent reported from the site that soldiers have started building a fence at several spots between Kelebia and Asotthalom where previously only barbed wire had been laid because the terrain was difficult to cross, including water streams and reeds.

Police said on its website that between Monday and Saturday, 879 people crossed the border illegally, as against 822 during the three weeks before Monday.

Photo: MTI


  1. Thank goodness for the Hungarians who must be one of the few EU member States protecting our borders from the main influx of economic migrants.
    Where are the EU Commissioners?’ still sitting on the fence(metaphorically speaking).

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