police arrest budapest drug

On August 28th, the Moroccan General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) arrested a 50-year-old Australian-Hungarian double-citizen suspected of alleged possession of pornographic photos of minors of different nationalities.

As moroccoworldnews.com reported, the police arrested the suspect at a beach in Rabat while he was attempting to take photos of children, the DGSN said in a statement.

Furthermore, local police found photographs of minors with pornographic content on one of two computers seized in the suspect’s hotel room in the Moroccan capital. They said that he took the photos at different beaches outside Morocco.

According to the police, the Australian-Hungarian citizen is

the subject of an Interpol notice,

which is an “alert issued against a person involved in criminal acts and suspected of committing similar actions in other countries,” according to the statement.

The notice was issued after a request by Australian authorities against the suspect for taking photos of minors for sexual purposes.

Police have opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the case.

We reported HERE that a shocking number of women die due to domestic abuse in Hungary. Abusers are often two-faced; they behave exceptionally politely and friendly on the outside, but they turn violent and aggressive behind closed doors. Talking about the numbers, in Hungary, at least

one woman dies due to domestic abuse per week.

It is also known from statistics that one in five women suffers abuse in her lifetime.

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It is shocking, but HERE is an article about how, according to Népszava, almost 40 pc of female bus drivers who were asked have been exposed to harassment in their workplace, at the Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation (BKV).

Source: moroccoworldnews.com

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