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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview on Friday announced that 3.5 million people have been vaccinated in Hungary, paving the way for outdoor venues to open from Saturday morning.

Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio that by the middle of next week, around four million shots will have been administered, and a wide range of services will be available for people with vaccine certificates.

Venues open to people with certificates will include theaters, dance and music venues, circuses, gyms, zoos, spas and swimming pools, sports venues and adventure parks, the prime minister said.

It will also be possible to use the indoor areas of hotels and restaurants, he added.

The country, he said, will be opened up gradually.

Hospitalisation rates and the number of those on ventilators have fallen from April peaks as Hungary pushed through Europe’s most rapid inoculation programme, according to EU data.

With massive shipments of Chinese and Russian doses as well as growing stocks of Western vaccines, Hungary will soon be able to inoculate citizens younger than 18 and those living in foreign countries.

Hungary has been criticised for opting to use vaccines from Eastern nations before they received European Union approval, a move it has a right to make, but Orbán said the numbers vindicated him.

“I don’t care if a cat is black or white,” he said. “I just want it to catch the mouse.”

Terraces open tomorrow

The number of Hungarians vaccinated against Covid-19 reached 3.5 million today, so restaurant and bar terraces may open tomorrow.

Gergely Gulyás told a press briefing yesterday that open-air facilities, similarly to shops, will stay open until 9.30pm, while the night-time curfew will begin an hour later at 11pm.

Reopening catering facilities is “the first step towards regaining freedom”, Gulyás said, adding that he hoped faster steps could follow.

He added that “a large amount of vaccine is expected to arrive soon”.

During the next week one million doses of the Chinese vaccine will arrive, as well as 200,000 first doses of the Russian vaccine, Gulyás said, adding that the second dose of the latter would follow promptly. Over 300,000 doses of Pfizer will also arrive next week, he added.

So far, some 4.4 million have registered for the vaccine. Hungary will need some 6 million people vaccinated to reach herd immunity, he added.

raqpart terrace
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Source: MTI, Reuters

  1. Economics over Humanity – there for ALL to see.
    Political “spin” and “propaganda” coming out of this Government.
    This “spin” and “propaganda” – aimed “front and center” heavily at the Young Voters – in the lead up of the National Elections in May 2022.
    What an OPPORTUNITY – for the young voters of Hungary – to express – what type of Hungary – they want to live in and under what type of Government.
    The “power” of the Vote – to People of ALL age with voting rights, and in the case of Hungary, it should be USED.
    This government continues to walk a “high risk” plank of “thin” wood, that with the growing weight, from WRONG decisions, permitting the re-opening of Hungary – relaxing laws, the “plank” of thin timber, cracked seriously already, is very close to smashing braking and collapsing, causing on-going catastrophic chaos and mess in Hungary.
    Prime Minister – Victor Orban – walks at the head of – ALL – on that “cracking” plank – what weight it is holding of his Government, as they ALL continue to disregard Medical Science – vast in number EXPERTS – respected Globally for their opinions.
    Recommendations based on Fact – from Global Experts and based on Factual Medical Statistics Data – that Hungary – ravaged as it is -on-going, needs an 80% plus Immunized level – x2 injections – of it’s 9.6 million population – for a Human Barrier, to safeguard and protect it-self on-going from this novel coronavirus.
    New Cases – 3427
    Deaths total to Date – 26208.
    Active Cases – 264,039.
    Life Support/Ventilators – 844
    Based on Statistics provided out of Medical Science – 1 Hungarian is loosing their life to this novel virus in evert 391 Citizen of Hungary.
    Do your mathematics- this Factually will continue to WORSEN.
    The Government – Economics over Humanity growing on-going rejection by Hungarian citizens – un-rest and rejection – in the use of the Chinese vaccine “conglomeration – that has from International respected Medical Scientific facilities – a “dangerous” just 50% success rate of human Immunization against contacting this deadly virus.
    What if – stop and THINK – what if.
    Hope I prove to be WRONG – but ALL economic – “sickening” state of the Hungarian economy and medical science figures indicate, we are NO way – Out of the Woods as a country in our fight and challenge we ALL face through the invasion into our lives of this Novel virus.

  2. Does anyone know, for those who are vaccinated, if we need to follow some procedure to obtain immunity certificate or they are automatically sent to our addresses?

  3. Yet again Professor “Mad Dog” Caritas has written a rambling, left-wing diatribe which confirms what many of us have long suspected : apart from suffering with rabies, he obviously has tertiary syphilis.

    Unfortunately neither of these conditions can be treated (look what happened to Idi Amin) so in the interest of all Hungarians he should be ‘put down’ as quickly and humanely as possible.

  4. Does any body know when holders of Residence Cards – are going to – at there EXPENSE – be provided the Facility to pay their own huf, under the status of a Residence Card ???
    Seeked answers from the applicable Government Department – no decision as yet.
    Contacted Lord Mayors Office – Budapest – NO reply.

  5. Mr. Caritas,
    It seems that you have been reading lots of misleading articles from the media, and do not have any idea what is going on in Hungary.
    Just to enlighten you, if they do not restart the economy right now then many people will die of starvation instead of Covid. Capisce…?

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