There are a lot of places to visit in Budapest, ranging from important historical monuments all the way to small parks in remote districts. The organisers of the quest game Running City now turned their attention to Budapest.

Running City is a quite popular city quest game, taking place yearly in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Prague and even London. It actually originates from Saint Petersburg: the first Running City was organised here in 2000.

Since then, interest has gradually grown for the quest game and the organisers were able to target other cities as well.

The aim of this game is to explore a given city with the help of small clues and quests.

You have to find hidden objects all over the city with the help of checkpoint tasks. The organisers wish to introduce participants to neglected, yet beautiful parts of the city, to open their eyes to new aspects.

Despite the fact that it’s called Running City, you don’t actually have to run: you can take a bus or a tram, ride your bike or walk. The point is, that you have to keep an eye out for the small details. It is not only about pretty statues and astonishing architecture: it’s also about a small stained window glasses and a missing brick in an old building’s wall.

You can enter the quest with a team, by registering here: There is a registration fee of 2000 rubles (around 29 euros), which has to be paid in the Russian currency. The website provides detailed instruction as to how the registration goes and to the different methods of payment.

The organisers would like to emphasise that

this is a non-commercial event, the registration fee is for covering the organisational expenses.

You can find out more about the event here:

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