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According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, you can choose from a wide range of ingredients free from every type of allergens, and they offer healthy teas, salads, syrups and desserts.

The tiny world of herbs, spices, scents and tastes awaits its lovers at herBar in the heart of the capital. In the first “do it yourself” herb bar of Budapest you can taste great teas and seasonings alongside the speciality of the place, the homemade waffle free from 14 allergens, which can be spiced up with allergen-free dips, special craft cheese products, seeds and dried fruits.

The culinary experience is complete with spice oils, vinegars and herbal wines.

The lovers of herbs and spices can find the first herb bar of the capital in one of the cosiest streets in the downtown of Budapest on Harris Alley, in the 5th district.


One can make one’s own tea, syrup or favourite salad here. It is okay to flavour your lemongrass tea with homemade cherry or elderflower syrup, but if you are brave enough, you can boost it with some fresh rosemary as well. If you fancy wandering in the world of salads, no problem. There will be only one fixed ingredient: the homemade allergen-free waffle, the rest is up to you. If you need advice to choose the tastes and the toppings, you can pick something from their special offers.

The primary goal was to provide aesthetic, fragrant, healthy and tasty dishes or drinks. These four “ingredients” are obligatory.

HerBar is more than just a cosy tea or salad place

Getting to know herbs and their usage, and cooperation with domestic producers are a significant part of their policy, since these are essential factors to offer quality products to their guests. They aim to function as an advisory center as well.

“Sessions and workshops about herbs take place in the bar, and we would like to contact professional organisations in order to inform our guests about herb related events and programs. As we are committed to such natural resources as well,

we would like herBar to be a great home for herbs and tea, where we could exchange our experiences while we could get creative and healthy dishes, drinks and herbal products.”

– said Rita Horváth, founder and manager of herBar.


Their long-term objective is to take part in such a herbal project which aims at helping children, and moreover, the old.

“We can see nice examples abroad of these two generations cooperating with each other, and this would be much needed here in Hungary as well. Our purpose is to take part in setting up such a program efficiently.”

HerBar, launched as a project by Euro 360 International ltd., is open for the lovers of herbs and spices every day between Tuesday and Sunday, from 10 am to 10 pm. Kids can have fun in the play area, while adults can play board games or read books in connection with herbs and spices.

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