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There are so many opportunities in the capital when it comes to food and beverages. With the coming winter season, however, people feel more like sitting in a restaurant and warming themselves up in a very cozy place. Funzine.hu collected the 8 must-visit places in Budapest that will surely make you return once you have tasted the atmosphere. Let’s check them out.

1. MiniZso – 1015 Budapest, 7 Hattyú Street

MiniZso is one of the most trustworthy breakfast place in Buda that is the sister of the KicsiZso restaurant. The 2nd enterprise of Zsolt Horváth is situated at the foot of the Castle District. It offers simple delicacies from the various sandwiches through the cakes to the special soups.

In the tiny place, innumerable sweets can be tasted like the fig-flavoured focaccia and the special pie with chocolate and pumpkin filling.

Creativity and Hungarian hospitality compensate for the lack of space in the tiny restaurant.

The perfect breakfast spot /facebook/MiniZso/

2. Bakelit Café – 1074 Budapest, 3 Dohány Street

Opposite to the largest synagogue of Europe is the Bakelit Café, in the city center. Even the entrance is decorated with a number of vinyl records that make us guess that music is a central thing in the restaurant.

Billiard, table football, good background music and genuine Hungarian retro feeling welcome the visitors at the café that is open every day.

It is worth tasting the cocktails, the spirits and the wines in the restaurant, and then it is guaranteed that your night will go well.

Everything is given for a perfect outing in Bakelit Café/facebook/Bakelit Café/

3. Sawasdee Thai Restaurant – 1052 Budapest, 2 Semmelweis Street

Sadly enough, there are not enough authentic Thai restaurants in Budapest.

However, this catering establishment, which got its name after the most commonly used Thai word for greetings and farewells, brings some colour into the gastronomical life of the capital.

Visitors can try out the most popular dishes of the Thai cuisine including seafood, spicy curry, phad thai or the various soups. They pay attention not only to the flavour of the dishes, but also to the tempting outlook. On weekdays, a two-course meal with a drink costs 2,500 Ft (8.3 euros).

Thai specialities offered /facebook/Sawasdee Thai Étterem/

4. Café Brunch Budapest – 1065 Budapest, 26 Hajós Street

This cozy brunch is found in Hajós Street that is famous for its Parisian atmosphere.

Fresh bakery products, sandwiches, dairy products, orange juice, smoothies and café specialties can be tried out in this place, in the vicinity of the Opera House.

For lunch, unique dishes can be ordered that are inspired by Hungarian and various international cuisines, while the accompanying drinks can be chosen from various wine and craft beer specialties.

A nutritious breakfast is needed to start the day well /facebook/ Café Brunch/

5. Kitchen of Health Bistro – 1072 Budapest, 2 Dob Street

There is a place in the close proximity of the Jewish district where they combine traditional dishes with modern preparation methods. Here, it does not matter what you choose, because you cannot choose wrongly. Everything is made of fresh and healthy ingredients. They do not use wheat, dairy products, sugar, corn, soy or additives, among others. Of course, it does not mean that their dishes are not tasty, because they offer very exciting flavours, like the sweet potato soup, the double-meat hamburger or the chicken steak.

Always fresh and healthy ingredients /facebook/Kitchen of Health Bisztró/

6. First Craft Beer and BBQ – 1074 Budapest, 3 Dob Street

Right next to the Kitchen of Health is the FIRST Craft Beer and BBQ restaurant that offers unforgettable culinary pleasures. They are proud of their several craft beers that are on the menu along with international beers, too.

An interesting fact is that the special beverage flows from 19 different beer taps.

In addition to this, the FIRST is home to several BBQ dishes like the Angus Burger or the mustarded mangalica meat with cheesy-sour creamed lángos and pickled cucumber 🙂

7. Kuzin Bar – 1074 Budapest, 7 Dohány Street

This place is also in the Jewish district. Famous for its craft beer, it does not leave anything to chance. Besides the 3 Czech Budweisers and the 7 Hungarian craft beers flowing from the beer taps, several other brands are represented in the bar. Their street food offer is also variable: burgers, pizzas and tortillas attract the hungry visitors. Reserve its private room for exclusive gatherings or just enjoy the rhythm it provides every day during the week.

Beer and culinary pleasure go hand in hand/ facebook/KUZIN Bar/

8. Itterem –1065 Budapest, 3 Nagymező Street

Replacing Bordó Bisztró, Itterem has new conceptions compared to its predecessor. The chef, Tamás Jáki, and his team go in their own way. Their menu contains traditional Hungarian dishes, but in every month, their offers build around a special ingredient. The prices are also acceptable compared to the other restaurants in the center. In addition to this, vegan and gluten free food are also provided for the customers.


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