Hungarians are everywhere when it comes to gastronomy: they excel in the field of spices, sweets, and now dairies as well. Ádám and Árpád Gábor got onto the list of the best cheesemongers on the 12th of June at the 3rd Mondial du Fromage, reports Mondial du Fromage is the world’s most elite cheese competition.

The 3rd Mondial du Fromage took place between the 11th and 13th of June, near Paris, at Tours. During the event, the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers (the international organisation of cheesemongers) presented Ádám and Árpád Gábossy, directors of SZEGA Camembert with a Fromager membership. Thus, they received permission to bring the Hungarian branch of the international organisation into being.

Ádám told that they are beyond thrilled to be chosen among the bests, as the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers only gives membership to those who are working hard and doing their best to improve the cheese culture. SZEGA Camembert was founded by Ádám’s father, and now, under the son’s leadership, the company focuses primarily on cheeses and gourmand products. The Guilde is the world’s biggest organisation that promotes cheeses and has very strict rules regarding membership. Since the two Gábossys have been organising the National Cheese Competition in Hungary for four consecutive years – presenting the most exquisite Hungarian and international cheeses – the Guilde decided to honour them with a  membership. They plan on expanding onto international scenes, promoting Hungarian cheeses.


The Mondial du Fromage is a big help with their endeavour, where the audience and the professionals can get acquainted with the most delicious Hungarian cheeses.

Ádám further elaborated that the Hungarian market stall is very popular, but he regrets that most people only know about Hungarian wines, whereas the cheeses are also excellent. Fortunately, the participants at the Mondial du Fromage are very open to new experiences, and, as it happened forty years ago on the French scene, when the Italians became very interested in French cheeses, the same thing can happen to Hungarian cheeses.

If we’re on the subject of cheese: one of the traditional dishes, the lángos, is usually flavoured with cheese and is gaining popularity among Irish people

The number of contestants has doubled this year, there are almost 600 participants, with new countries represented, like Brasil and Japan.

The Hungarian team competes with high-standard products, laying their trust in the Ranolder, which proved to be the best during last year’s National Cheese Competition. The Gábossy-duo’s opportunity to participate at the Mondial du From age was thanks to this event: Roland Bartélemy, one of the most popular cheesemongers, was also there, becoming especially fond of the Ranolder. It is Bartélemy who suggested that they should participate and he also invited them.

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