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Language learners under the age of 35 are entitled to reclaim the cost of their successful language exam from the government since January 2018. Over 65,000 people have seized this opportunity so far, and the government spent over 6 million Euros on young people’s language exams in the last two years.

Since January 2018, language learners are provided with the opportunity to reclaim the price of their language exams from the government.

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How does it work?

First, language learners need to pay the cost of the language exam (the exam has to be at least intermediate/B2 level) in advance, and if they pass that exam (and they are below the age of 35), they are entitled to request a refund from the government regardless of how many certificates they already possess, 24 reports.

There are 27 languages that are supported by the Hungarian government. The most popular languages include English, German, Italian, and French, but Latin, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese are also on the list. The aim of this initiative was to boost language learning in Hungary and aid those who are dedicated but lack financial support.

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Many seized the opportunity

Last year, 101,000 out of the total 112,000 people who applied for various language exams were below the age of 35. According to the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources,

65,247 people requested a refund from the government between 01 January 2018 and 30 November 2019. The cost of a language exam in Hungary is around 83-100 Euros. Based on these numbers, the Hungarian government has paid back approximately 6,000,000 Euros to Hungarian language learners.

The amount of the government refund cannot be higher than 25% of the minimum wage in Hungary. Due to the 8% increase in the minimum wage this year, this amount is now around 120 Euros per person (it used to be around 100 Euros).


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