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Whispering Wind, a Hungarian fashion brand conquered two out of “the Big 4” fashion weeks: New York and London (the other two are Milan and Paris). The brand’s newest collection was recently presented at the New York Fashion Week on 15 February, Magyarorszagkul.nlcafe.hu reports. The brand was so well-received that they got invited to one of the London Fashion Week’s events as well.

The Fashion Weeks are semi-annual series of events, where international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and also to the general public. At the New York Fashion Week, the Hungarian dresses were displayed in front of the world’s most popular fashion bloggers and the most influential fashion journalists.


After the event, many New York boutiques showed their interest in the Hungarian fashion brand. Potential Malaysian buyers also really liked the Whispering Wind dresses.

Hanna Cserkuthy founded whispering Wind in 2015. The brand’s newest collection is the 2018 Fall/Winter collection called “Women in the city” which was obviously inspired by today’s modern woman living in the city. As they write on their website:

“The collection is inspired by the vibrant city life that New York represents…Whispering Wind dresses are suitable for any occasion and complement the wardrobe of today’s modern women.”

dress fashion
Photo: www.wwdresses.com

The 2018 Fall/Winter collection is mostly made up of cotton and silk dresses in nude and grey shades with a hint of red here and there. The dresses are not only elegant, but they are also comfortable.

Here are a few of Whispering Wind’s dresses from their Facebook page. All of them look stunning. Which one is your favourite?




Featured image: www.wwdresses.com

Source: www.magyarorszagkul.nlcafe.hu

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