Unfortunately, it seems that the cases of non-consensual sexual intercourse have grown quite significantly in Hungary. In recent months, the police have closed an alarmingly large number of investigations of similar cases. Compared to recent years, the number of sexual assaults, coercions, and rapes has been unusually high. And to make matters worse, on many occasions, those victims were underaged.

Just when we thought it could not get any more alarming, another such case has surfaced. This adds up the total number of similar cases to five, just within the span of two months, that Daily News Hungary has reported. Back in February, a family father in S谩rkereszt煤r tried to rape his own 7-year-old daughter, Valentina, on Valentine鈥檚 day, while two of his other children were in bed beside them. He even threatened his own children to not talk about the incident.

In March, the victim of another rapist was a pregnant woman. The attacker raped the pregnant woman in a field and was attempting to have intercourse with the victim for a second time when she was able to run away. Another horrible case was closed this April when the stepfather of a Hungarian girl was arrested for raping his daughter for five years. The victim was so scared that she could only tell the story four years after the incident. The last criminal case was luckily uncovered much sooner; the report was about a 23-year-old man who has raped an underaged girl and was suspected of contacting more young girls and acquired nude images from them.

The latest incident involved a man who catfished a woman on an online dating website using images of his partner.

According to Hvg, the man then met up with the victim in a park near the amphitheatre in district III, Budapest. He created the story that the woman the victim was supposed to meet had to go to a store, and while waiting for her together, the man would leave the victim alone for short periods to send new messages to the victim from the fake profile.

Origo reported that during one of the times when the man returned, he started hugging the woman, who then immediately started to go to the H脡V (Budapest commuter railway) station nearby. Seeing this,

the perpetrator grabbed the clueless victim and pushed her to the ground. They started to wrestle when the attacker dragged her to the ground and threatened to kill her, coercing sexual relations and raping her.

The victim has managed to break free for a short time, but the man caught her and choked the victim. The attacker only stopped choking the scared victim when some passers-by have intervened. The police headquarters of district III of Budapest have interrogated the catfisher on well-founded suspicion of sexual violence. The Attorney鈥檚 office has proposed his arrest and home detention for the risk of recidivism.

The attacker was under a suspended sentence for a similar crime, says Origo. The perpetrator can only leave his residence with a tracker until the negotiations take place.

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Source: Hvg.hu, Origo.hu

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  1. I was a rape victim on numerous occasions and it wasn’t my fault. I was sedated or drugged without my knowledge and permission. I was attacked and blood stolen from me even when I was a child. I’ve been a rape victim from age 6 months old.
    It’s one of the worse to happen. I still hate those perpetrators and I can’t forgive them, they’re still committing crimes.

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