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Szófia, 2018. május 16. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök (j) az Európai Néppárt, az EPP ülésére érkezik Szófiában 2018. május 16-án, az EU és a nyugat-balkáni országok csúcstalálkozója elõtti napon. (MTI/EPA/Boriszlav Trosev)

Fidesz’s alliance with the Christian Democrats has recorded a post-election bump, a Nézőpont survey has found.

According to the poll released on Saturday, the ruling alliance boosted last month’s 52 percent showing to 54 percent among committed voters in May, or 2,600,000 votes.

Fidesz boosted its popularity among men, people living in villages and people with a secondary education.

Nézőpont found that 42 percent of the total adult population preferred the ruling parties, while the radical nationalist Jobbik party had the support of 11 percent. The Socialists notched up 6 percent while the Democratic Coalition (DK) and LMP were each on 3 percent. The Momentum Movement scored 2 percent and the Two-Tailed Dog Party had the backing of 1 percent.

Taking all respondents, the Fidesz-led alliance had more than a million more sympathisers than the total opposition combined, Nézőpont found in the poll commissioned by the daily Magyar Idők.

Among voters committed to a single party, Jobbik had the support of 19 percent of Nézőpont’s sample, while the Socialist-Dialogue list had the backing of 9 percent.

LMP was preferred by 6 percent while DK had 5 percent. Momentum’s potential voters added up to 4 percent, and the Two-Tailed Dog Party was on 2 percent.

The survey was conducted between May 2 and 22 based on personal interviews with 2,000 voting-age adults.

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Source: MTI

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