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The Day of Hungarian Culture is celebrated on the 22nd of January each day, marking the day when the lyrics to the Hungarian anthem were finished by Ferenc Kölcsey. For Iain Lindsay, Hungarian culture means Lake Balaton, lángos and Attila József.

Heti Világgazdaság writes that Iain Lindsay, the British ambassador to Hungary, celebrated the Day of Hungarian Culture with scrabble on social media.

The photo features a toy betyár figure and a scrabble layout, spelling several Hungarian words, with concepts that represent Hungarian culture for Lindsay. Then, the diplomat asked his followers to share what Hungarian culture means for them.

For Lindsay, it means Attila József (one of the most celebrated Hungarian poets), Hármashatárhegy, lángos, rétes (strudel), Sziget Festival, Lake Balaton, Gyula Juhász (another beloved Hungarian poet) and wine.

One could say that this nice gesture came naturally to Lindsay, as he has shown his devotion to and his deep interest in Hungarian culture on multiple occasions previously. Most importantly, he greeted Hungarian citizens in his introduction video in Hungarian, congratulated the Hungarian Swimming team after their gold at the London Swimming European Championships, took a Hungarian language exam, but overall, he seizes every opportunity to speak Hungarian: read a poem in Hungarian by Attila József on Hungary’s National Poetry Day in 2016, then in 2017, he learnt one by Gyula Juhász by heart for the same occasion.

featured image: Iain Lindsay on Instagram


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