According to, Iain Lindsay, the British Ambassador to Hungary will take a Hungarian language exam next week, and he asks for our help and advice in a video posted on his Instagram account.

He says that he’ll join an intensive course at University of Pécs before the exam, and that he would be happy to receive useful advice in the comment section. But he would be even happier if people wished him good luck in person.

Several people have commented the video. Someone wrote that the most important thing is to stay calm, and take your favourite pen or lucky tie, socks.

The ambassador replied that he won’t be wearing a tie, but he’ll definitely put on his lucky socks.

Some people advised that he should watch Hungarian movies, but it turned out that he had already done so: for instance, he watched Nimród Antal’s Kontroll and István Szabó’s Father.

Others told him to take some time off and visit a lovely confectionery in Pécs. However, it seems like it’s quite tough to surprise the ambassador, because he already knew of the confectionery – he’s been there many times as he has a major sweet tooth.

For that matter, this is not the first time that Iain Lindsay impressed us with his devotion to our culture. He celebrates Hungary’s National Poetry Day with special videos every year, and he also introduced his Scottish Budapest in a similarly great video.

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