Undercover cops have been observing the drivers of Budapest for six days. Now, they are sharing their precious footage with the public. Dash cams placed on the civilian-looking cop cars captured how often Hungarian drivers violate rules. *Spoiler alert: too often.

Budapest Police Station has a special project for December: undercover cops are observing and fining negligent drivers on the roads of Budapest until 24 December, 24.hu reports. The civil cop cars are equipped with dash cams that capture every violation. It turns out drivers tend to be negligent in the capital city.

One might say after watching the video that Budapest drivers are quite blatant; they are unashamed to cross lines they are not supposed to cross, park where they are not entitled to park, and they are also not that fond of fastening their seat belts or using their mobiles hands-free. Other offences also occurred, including running red lights, speeding, ignoring STOP signs, and driving in the bus lanes. Many of the rule-breakers were fined on the spot.

It has only been six days and the police already fined 72 drivers:

  • 7 for speeding,
  • 12 for running a red light,
  • 10 for using their mobiles while driving (not hands-free),
  • 11 for using bus lanes, and
  • 12 for crossing lines that were not allowed to cross

You can watch the most notable incidents in the video made by the police:

I added another clip which is also recent. It shows a careless driver running a red light and crashing into a tram:

Featured image: Alpár Kató – Daily News Hungary ©

Source: www.24.hu

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  1. Having just spent two weeks driving in Greece, Hungary seems ideal. The Greeks are the most dangerous drivers I have ever encountered. They pass on blind bends/rises across double lines. Stop signs and red lights mean nothing to them. Motorcyclists rarely are seen wearing helmets and mobile phone use behind the wheel is common.

    They also just stop anywhere they like and turn on their hazard lights, double parking and leaving their.

    It is a nightmare on their roads.

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