Budapest, 2016. január 19. Rendõrök és diákok a fõváros III. kerületében lévõ Kiscelli közben található British International Schoolnál, amelyet bombafenyegetés miatt kiürítettek 2016. január 19-én. MTI Fotó: Mihádák Zoltán

The police evacuated the British International School because of bomb threat in Budapest on Tuesday. At the same time, there was bomb alert at the British International School of Sweden as well, reported.

british international school2Several police cars appeared at the foundation school and evacuated the institution in the 3rd district. The disaster management and demolition experts were also present.

The students were sent home because of the threat, so the school was empty by 11 o’clock. The policemen, who performed the evacuation, did not inform They said the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) press office would tell additional details.

It is not the first time when the school has been threatened. Most recently, the British International School received a phone call about a bomb threat on December 9. The Counter-Terrorism Center (TEK) went there, but they did not find any explosive devices.

At the same time, the Stockholm institute of the British International School had to be evacuated. According to, the evacuation began at 9:44 am. All the 250 students and teachers were rescued, wrote.

Photos: MTI

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