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Hungary’s opposition parties and the mayor of Budapest have proposed doing away with the registration requirement for getting a Covid-19 vaccine with a view to speeding up and expanding inoculations.

Hungarians should be eligible for a vaccine by presenting a social security (TAJ) card after consulting with their GP, the Socialist Party, the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, LMP, Momentum and Párbeszéd said in a joint statement on Saturday.

They said the government should organise vaccinations for non-registered people in places like stadiums and involve local councils in the vaccination campaign.

Scrapping the registration requirement could significantly increase the number of those who ask to get the shot, they argued. “Now is not the time to fight political battles, but to consider the interests of the country and the Hungarian people,” the statement said.

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony said on Facebook that local councils were able and willing to help the government with vaccinating those who are not registered but want the jab.

“In the current dramatic pandemic situation, stadiums should be used for conducting mass vaccinations rather than [soccer] games in front of capacity crowds,” the mayor said.

Additionally, in one of our previous articles, we have written that NGOs also launched a campaign for the Roma with the slogan “Vaccinate so you can live!”. They said, that in their experience, people living in poorer, isolated settlements are less willing or able to register for vaccinations. They also want to help the process with an animated short film released on Friday explaining how to create an email address and how to register for the vaccination. They aim to provide in-person assistance as well.

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Source: MTI, Daily News Hungary

  1. Sheer and utter nonsense !

    Registration for the COVID-19 vaccine in Hungary is so EASY that even politicians from the Socialists, Dobrev Klara (D.K.) Party, Jobbik, Momentum and Parbeszed can complete those required forms in a few minutes.

    Whether or not SCHMUCKS from the LMP could register is another matter.

  2. It’s the skepticism over the Chinese and Russian vaccinations. The more we’re told we can’t choose which vaccine we want, the less likely we are to register.

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