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Hungary’s Counter Terrorism Centre (TEK) has said it is working together with Europol and the police forces and secret services of various countries to assess the past criminal activities and network of links maintained in Europe by a Syrian man who has been detained in Budapest for alleged terrorist activities in Syria.

The man identified as F Hassan left Syria in 2016 and successfully applied for asylum in Greece, TEK said in a statement on Saturday.

The municipal chief prosecutor has said the 27-year-old man is believed to have participated in Islamic State executions in Homs in 2016.

Before arriving in Hungary, the suspect had visited a number of other European countries, TEK said.

The suspect was first detained at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International airport on Dec. 30 after producing forged travel documents for himself and a woman in his company.

In a court proceeding he was handed a suspended prison sentence for “human smuggling and other crimes” and was awaiting expulsion from the country, the statement said.

The Belgian authorities and Eurojust informed the Hungarian authorities of the man’s suspected terrorist activities, the statement added.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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