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A ruling party spokesman has slammed Facebook “for targeting anti-migration content and thereby openly assuming a political role”.

“It is not the first time that Facebook has played an openly political role and it’s probably not the last, either,” István Hollik, the Fidesz-Christian Democrat group spokesman, told a news conference.

“The company that has the power to obliterate, moderate and censor content is supported by [billionaire] George Soros”.

Gábor G Fodor, the editor-in-chief of news portal 888.hu, said the Facebook page of his colleague had been blocked by the company.

The journalist in question had posted a picture of Emmanuel Macron, the French head of state, in the company of “half-naked black men” and a picture of Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, holding his grandchild.

“You choose” was the caption.

The editor said the image, posted without commentary, had been removed by Facebook and the journalist had been blocked from the site for a week. Further, his page was removed.

“It’s frightening and disappointing, and as regards the future, it’s thought-provoking,” he added.

G. Fodor called on the right-wing press to make their voices heard and not to allow themselves to be intimidated.

István Hollik said that as the European Parliament elections approach, “this type of censorship and migration campaign” will intensify in the coming months.

Source: MTI

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