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The first online hiking app, called Természetjáró, will make hiking an easy and fun activity in Hungary. This app was first developed in Germany by the programme Outdooractive, and since then, it became well-known and widely used on the continent. Starting from today, the app is available in Hungarian, featuring the most famous Hungarian trails, different kinds of information and extra content.

According to Origo, this app can be downloaded by everyone who has a smartphone and Google Play or iStore access because it is free of charge. The app is perfect for everyone including professional hikers and for those who only consider hiking as a hobby. This new app provides trails for hiking, riding a bicycle, running, water sports and several other outdoor sports.

Also, it provides a lot of premium content, and users do not have to pay for that. For example, it helps to find accommodations, sights and special forest train routes.

This brand new app offers different kinds of trails in seconds while taking our current location and position into consideration. The app also has a QR code reader, an altitude counter and a speedometer as well.

app, phone, hiking

The chosen trail’s map can be downloaded before hiking in order not to use our mobile Internet access while we are walking on the trail. Every Hungarian trail has a separate menu in the app with the latest information, how many kilometres the trail is, where we can stop if we are exhausted and various sights we should see during our hike.

The app’s speciality is that hikers can create their own trails on the map and share it with other hikers via the app. They can also write about their experiences and share pictures and videos. This way, hikers can communicate with each other, making hiking even more entertaining.

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