Hungarian government


Hungary wants Central Europe to join forces

Joining forces in #CentralEurope is becoming increasingly important in current times, a secretary said in #Croatia. #Hungary #Hungarian #diplomacy #cooperation #dailynewshungary #Zagreb

Orbán, Trump express mutual support, discuss Hungary-US ties over phone

Orbán and Trump also discussed the migration crisis hitting both Hungary and the US and

Hungary and Austria agreed to set up a joint criminal investigation unit

Hungary and Austria have agreed to set up a joint criminal investigation unit, organise joint patrols and...

Hungarian government was harshly criticised by Human Rights Watch

The civil organisation pointed out some serious issues #Hungary #politics #rights

Budapest’s mayor wants to investigate corrupt state secretary’s links to Fidesz-controlled districts

Mayor Karácsony said it was "outrageous" that police were carrying out "fake raids" based on "fake audio recordings"

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture hails ‘bold’ food price curbs

Measures imposed by the govt serve to support and protect Hungarian families, István Nagy told Kossuth Rádió 🇭🇺 #food #price #hungariangovernment #hungary #dailynewshungary