Statistics reveal that over 80% of prostitutes working in Germany are foreign citizens. The majority of them are Romanian, but a surprising 7% of prostitutes working in Germany are actually Hungarian.

Index reports that the Federal Statistical Office of Germany recently revealed some interesting statistics about prostitution in Germany.

The total number of registered sex workers in Germany in 2018 was 32,799. 1530 institutions listed prostitution as one of its services, and 70 businesses reported to function as a sort of “middleman” of the industry.

Out of the 32,799 registered sex workers, 26,600 people (81%) were foreign citizens (72% European, 5% Asian). One-third of the workers (35%) were Romanian, 10% were Bulgarian, and 7% were Hungarian.

Forced and threatened

The Federal Statistical Office relies on the numbers that are actually being reported officially. However, we will never know the exact number of illegal prostitutes, which are present in every country. The vast majority of these girls never chose this life and are forced into it. They are being threatened daily, they never get the money they earn, and they are being held hostage in inhumane conditions.

The police recently exposed a criminal organisation in Hungary. Two Hungarian men were forcing women into prostitution in Germany, and then they took all their money. They were praying on women who had no money, did not speak any foreign languages and basically had no real prospects in life. They threatened to beat and even kill them to force them into working. Three men from this alleged prostitution ring were arrested this March, and two more were arrested in November. The two men arrested this month have been forcing Hungarian women into prostitution in Germany since 2014.

Unfortunately, this is not the only incident.

It was discovered in March 2019 that two Hungarian men ran brothels in Derby, UK. The pair advertised online for sex workers to come to the UK from their home country, arranged flights, picked the girls up from airports and placed them in “unkempt and stinky” rented properties in the city. They then took half of their earnings.

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