May it be sights, sports performances, cultural heritages or highly successful people, Hungary is a small country that is very proud of its achievements. 

The Canadian YouTube channel has made a Top 10 video on things that Hungarians want you to know about their country.

The channel posts top 10 videos, usually on topics like movies, TV shows, video games or celebrities. They have 20 million subscribers. Watchmojo Hungary, however, has also started in March 2018, too, among other Watchmojo channels in other languages.

10: Budapest has repurposed ruins into pubs

It is right about Budapest, Hungary’s capital city that ruined and abandoned buildings in the city centre were rebuilt and reconstructed to function as ‘ruin pubs’. The pubs have a gripping and fascinating atmosphere in any season of the year.

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Szimpla kert ruin pub

9: They have a particular name for their unique offerings

The specific name of Hungary’s unique offerings is called ‘Hungarikum’. Hungarikums from agricultural and food industry are Goulash  soup, paprika, fisherman’s soup, but also wines like Egri bikavér and Tokaji aszú and its wine region. The latest, full list of Hungarikums has 70 members.

Goulash soup, Hungarian, traditional, food

8: It’s home to the largest synagogue in Europe

Synagogue in Dohány Street, Budapest is beautiful and unique! The over 150 years old building is the biggest in Europe and the third biggest in the world, which has almost an exact copy in Manhattan, New York City.

Dohány street Synagoge, Budapest
Chandeliers in Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest

7: The language is … tricky

Hungary’s official language, Hungarian is officially one of the hardest languages in the world with its grammar complexity and unique words (44 alphabets and 18-35 usable grammar cases). Hungarian is the member of the Finno-Ugric language family and its closest relative-languages are: Mansi and Khanty.

Finno-Ugric languages
Finno-Ugric languages,
Wiki Commons

6: Hungary has won a large number of Olympic medals

Our small country owns 501 Summer Olympic game medals overall, including 175 golds that is the eight most on the world rank. The most successful sports are fencing, swimming, water polo, kayaking and canoeing, wrestling and athletics.

5: The country has over 1000 natural springs and the world’s largest thermal lake

Hungary offers a great source of natural hot springs and thermal waters, which means thermal baths make Hungary a popular destination for those who want to be soaked in the healing thermal water. Széchenyi thermal bath, Lukács, Rudas, Dandár and Király thermal baths are the top ones in Budapest, while Hévíz, Miskolctapolca, Zalakaros and Gyula are the best ones in the countryside.

thermal bath, budapest
Széchenyi Thermal Bath

4: They keep a mummified memento from their first king in Saint Stephens’s Basilica

The ‘Holy right hand’ of Hungary’s first Christian king, St. Stephen I. was mummified and is still in the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the church in front of which is Europe’s second best Christmas market is held. The Holy Right has a long history of being carried away from Hungary’s significant wars, but it is still intact.

Saint I Stephen King of Hungary's Holy right hand
Saint I Stephen King of Hungary’s Holy right hand,

3: The Hungarian sea: Lake Balaton

It is the largest lake in Central Europe with its 611 square kilometres (236 square miles). Balaton is the perfect place for swimming, enjoying the warm weather and the cold water, but also festivals like Balaton Sound, Strand Festival and B My Lake.

Balaton Sound festival Hungary

2: It is one of Europe’s oldest countries

Hungary is a country with more than 1100 years of history in the heart of Europe, before the nomadic tribe Huns (Hungarians’ ancestors) entered the Carpathian basin. The Hungarian Principality was founded in 895, after the ‘Hungarian Conquest‘ and the Hungarian Kingdom started to rule from 1001, as a Christian country, with its leader, Saint Stephen King.

munkácsy hungarian conquest honfoglalás
Mihály Munkácsy: Honfoglalás (Conquest)

1: A ton of Nobel Prize winners and investors have been Hungarian

Hungarians are really proud of the fact that it is a country of one of the highest Nobel Prize winners per capita. Interestingly though, the majority of Hungarian Nobel Prize winners have emigrated before their professional careers to another country, or they were not born in Hungary but had Hungarian origins from at least one parent. Hungarian-born prize-winners, who lived or worked in Hungary are Imre Kertész and Albert Szent-Györgyi.


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