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An interesting phenomenon is that houses are getting more and more expensive in certain areas of Budapest. One of the reasons for that is the growing interest of Hollywood filmmakers to shoot their movies in Hungary, as reports.

Hungary’s success in the film industry

On the one hand, many Hungarian movies made it to the Oscar Gala and won other prestigious prizes during the last few years. A woman captured, Sing, Son of Saul’s or On Body and Soul are all excellent examples for that. On the other hand, Hungary seems to be a very popular choice to shoot movies both in the past and in the future. Due to this success, prices of the most trendy areas of Budapest are getting more and more expensive.

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Budapest is a beloved place to shoot films because its buildings are suitable for picturing many different historical eras, but it also has a modern, ‘big city’ look. shared its statistics that show us how much it costs to buy a house in an area or a street, where superstars might appear.

Stars in Budapest

In Bel Amy, that was shot with Robert Pattinson, Budapest played Paris. The Spy with Amy McCarty uses the Opera House as a casino in Rome. Additionally, Bruce Willis acted in Budapest in the Russian scenes in Die Hard. Also, Angelina Jolie directed a scene at the Margit Bridge in her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey. Furthermore, Harrison Ford, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Lawrence starred in movies in Budapest as well.

Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow


In the city centre, Szabadság tér (Freedom Square) is the most expensive with an average of 1.6 million forints (about 5100 euros) per square metre. The second on the list is the Apáczai Csere János Street and the Sas Street next to the Basilica with 1.5 million forints (about 4800 euros) per square metre. In Andrássy Street, that is part of the UNESCO world heritage, has a 900 thousand forints (about 2900 euros) average. The prices are 850-900 thousand forints (about 2700-2900 euros) in Dalszínház and Hajós Streets near to the Opera House. Friendlier prices characterise the Fővám Square with 500-600 thousand forints (about 1700-1900 euros) for one square metre.

Fővám tér square Great Market Hall vásárcsarnok
The Great Market Hall at Fővám Square

The future

There are going to be more films shot in Budapest in the near future. The newest Terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton is one of them. However, we do not know the exact locations, where these two superstars will be working, so locals can be excited for a while until the decision is made.

Featured image: MTI/AP/Invision/Eric Jamison


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