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Would you like to have a good laugh while being already tired of the town-names Bugyi (Panty), Pornóapáti (Porn Abbot), and Rum? collected some further hilarious names that will make you giggle.

There are about 3200 cities and towns in Hungary out of which plenty have pretty funny names. Here are’s top 7 candidates for ‘The Most Hilarious City Name’ title along with their descriptions from Wikipedia.

Big Stock (Nagytőke)

Nagytőke is a small village between Szentes and Kunszentmárton, on the shore of the Tisza. Tőke may also mean stock as the stock of a plant or a tree. Therefore, the origin of the town’s name may go back to the times when the citizens of Nagytőke were primarily wood-cutters.

Nun Exercise (Apácatorna)

This town is only 23 kilometres away from Ajka, a city in Veszprém county. Obviously, the name does not refer to sisters doing exercises in their free time. Torna has a rather different meaning; it refers to the downstream of the Marcal river.

Your Ham (Sonkád)

Sonkád lies in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, on the East side, right on the Romanian-Hungarian border. An interesting fact about it is that it was called Your Ham even in 1426, according to written records.

Snivelling New Folks (Rinyaújnép)

This tiny village has only about 50 citizens and is situated on the Southwest border of Hungary. Even though folks have nothing to do with snivelling here, the name goes back to 1352 when it was written as Wynep.

Noble Rempe ‘Ravenry’ (Nemesrempehollós)

In this context, ‘ravenry’ refers to an area where ravens are kept. This place can be found in Vas county, 20 kilometres away from Szombathely. There are also many other interesting towns here such as ‘Up Ravenry’, ‘Bridge Ravenry’, or ‘Church Ravenry’.

Oxen Lake of Philip (Ököritófülpös)

This is quite a big town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in East Hungary. It lies on the Szatmár Plain, on the shore of the Holt-Szamos.

Church Dengeleg (Egyházasdengeleg)

It is a tiny village with only about 450 inhabitants on the South end of Nógrád county. Before 1905, it was only Dengeleg that originates from the Slavic dinga, denga, dinka words, which refer to a red type of grapes. There is also a Lutheran and a Catholic church in the village.

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