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A BMW crashed at 150 km/h into a Hungarian family of three – VIDEO

The driver of the BMW was on the phone at the moment of the crash and was still on the phone when he got out of his car, unharmed

Blacked out passenger dragged across the metro like a sack of potato in Budapest – VIDEO

The man was later transported to a hospital #hungary #hungarian #shocking #metro #budapest

These are the most frequently stolen cars in Hungary

Although crime rate is dropping concerning car theft, there are some surprises #hungary #hungarian #crime #car

4+1 tips on how to beat the heat while exploring Budapest

While a lot of people enjoy the summer heat and do not mind the hot temperatures while sightseeing, it is always better to be safe and […]

This is why Sting loves Hungary

What do YOU love most in Hungary? #hungary #hungarian #sting #music

Hungarian weddings 40 years ago: “and then the bride threw the cake on the ground”

Would you like to take part in such a wedding? :) #hungary #hungarian #tradition