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Hungary is the 4th cheapest EU member

Previously, Hungary was 3rd

Radio and sounds recordings from Viking Sigyn from the moment of the accident

The accident’s timeline was reconstructed with the help of radio and sound recordings!

A 50-day pilgrimage from Budapest to Versailles against the Treaty of Trianon

The pilgrims walk for 50 days to raise awareness of the injustice Hungary suffered because of the Treaty of Trianon

Hungary, Germany’s biggest arms customer with a 1.7-billion-euro purchase

Hungary is sparing no expenses in order to improve its military equipment by 2026

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is set to support a Hungarian research

Mark Zuckerberg's foundation and a group of Hungarian scientists could revolutionise cellular biology Congratulations! #hungary #hungarian #science #biology

Apartment prices have grown the most in Hungary across the EU

Apartment prices are getting lower in the EU, still, the biggest increase is in Hungary